About US

Hello everyone,

I created this website because I came upon an idea. So I was studying a lot for medschool and I loved to procrastinate. Watching TV or going to reddit or facebook were(and still are my go to past times).  Unfortunately I could never get away from studying. I would almost always encounter a medical reference(and often to what I should be studying).

Maybe it’s because you always watched this… DUNN DUNN (Source: Wikipedia)

So then I also thought about how important patient education is and how sometimes medical professionals gloss over the details and patients feel like they need a translator despite being told what’s going on.

(Source:http: cdn4.gurl.com/)

So as a way to procrastinate educate patients (and maybe some med/nursing/PA students along the way). I would post some short articles that combine a medical concept (drug/disease/syndrome) to pop culture (art/music/tv/etc.) with the hopes that the info will be retained better and people will feel empowered.


So enjoy the website, provide compliments, comments, criticisms and suggestions for future topics!



Marcus Cimino

Founder, Daily Dose Post



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